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Parking Enforcement &
Vehicle Booting Services

Republic Parking is the leading provider of municipal parking management solutions in the United States. Each year, we issue over 2,000,000 citations on behalf of our clients and collect over $100,000,000 of past-due revenue.

Customer Experience

Maximize customer convenience with ample payment and resolution options, an online portal, and a 24/7 toll-free helpline.

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Enforcement Analytics

Track scofflaw trends, perfect enforcement routes, monitor performance, and improve results with geolocation-based forecasting.

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Quick-Solve Booting

Empower drivers to get back on the road in minutes with self-releasing boots — no physical on-site assistance required.

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Enforcement Personnel

Put consumers first with an enforcement team trained to Ritz-Carlton and Disney Institute–inspired service standards.

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Enforcement Vehicles

Choose from lightweight bicycles to sleek, modern vans based on your enforcement area’s sustainability goals and road infrastructure.

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Permitting Services

Receive full-scale print, digital, or decal permitting solutions for high-density residential and commercial zones.

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LPR Technology

Elevate enforcement accuracy with cameras that capture time-stamped, GPS-enabled plate reads.

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