Enforcement Analytics

Enforcement Data that Puts You in the Driver's Seat

Upgrade your enforcement and booting strategy with predictive and real-time analytics.

A Smart Dashboard for Smarter Supervision

Eliminate cumbersome manual performance monitoring and reporting with dynamic data automatically consolidated into one easy-to-interpret dashboard.

Routine performance reports

Pending boot and tow reports

Individual enforcement officer reports

Citation count and revenue reports

Boot and tow revenue reports

Boot status tracking

Built By Experts

Developed by a team of parking professionals with hundreds of years’ combined experience, Republic Parking’s dashboard solution remedies the operational deficiencies caused by untapped data streams.

Predict Success

Using historical enforcement data, along with real-time traffic congestion reports, we develop optimal routes for enforcement teams to travel, directing them to streets with the greatest likelihood of having scofflaw vehicles parked at a specific time of day.

Regular Diagnostics Tests

Our databases are subject to nightly tests to ensure various routine processes have occurred within defined parameters, including escalations, letters sent, and lookups requested. In the event a database fails its diagnostics test, an email alert is triggered and sent to key users.

The Republic Parking Advantage

Where other companies simply buy LPR technology, Republic Parking is a licensed LPR reseller and installer, providing us with a depth of knowledge that cannot be matched by industry peers. Through this extensive experience, Republic Parking is able to provide an end-to-end parking management services as well as the post-installation support clients require to thrive.

Transform your municipality's parking &
enforcement program.

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