Quick Solve Booting

Turnkey Booting Services

Republic Parking deploys booting as a scalable enforcement strategy based on the distinct needs of each municipality we partner with.

Infractions that result in booting can range from illegal parking, traffic tickets, outstanding judgment debts — even vehicles suspected to have been involved in a crime.

Enter A New Era of Booting

After reviewing the traditional equipment used by our competitors (and prominent service gaps resulting) we endeavored to produce a new, state-of-the-art boot.

We required the new boot to meet the following criteria:

For Customers

Minimize risk of wheel damage

Minimize risk of injury

Maximize Convenience

For Clients

Quick to Install

Able to withstand major abuse

Easy to track and reclaim

The result was a robust, self-releasing boot that allows drivers to get back on the road in minutes.

Unlike more traditional boots, the boot design is both tamper-proof and ergonomic. This enables us to maximize resolution rates while also ensuring customers have a positive re-mobilization experience.

Self-Releasing, Remotely Monitored

Drivers can return boots to any Republic- or Impark-managed parking facility in the area. If a boot isn’t returned within the specified time period, our enforcement team can use built-in GPS technology to locate and recover the boot, keeping equipment costs low.

Keep Customers Moving Forward

Our goal is to immobilize vehicles as necessary while keeping the customer journey moving forward. To support this, we offer booted drivers an optional boot removal service — an industry rarity.

For a small service fee, booted drivers can schedule an enforcement agent to remove and return a boot on their behalf. No fuss, no problem.

Tailored to Your Needs

Republic Parking can provide as much, or as little, support to your booting program as needed. Choose an equipment-only solution, a fully staffed enforcement service, or anything in between.

The Republic Parking Advantage

Where other companies simply buy LPR technology, Republic Parking is a licensed LPR reseller and installer, providing us with a depth of knowledge that cannot be matched by industry peers. Through this extensive experience, Republic Parking is able to provide an end-to-end parking management services as well as the post-installation support clients require to thrive.

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