Enforcement Vehicles

Scalable Vehicle Solutions

Republic Parking offers a complete suite of enforcement vehicles to effectively cater to patrolling zones of every size.

No matter how large or small your municipality, we can help you get the most out of your enforcement and booting program. And as your city’s needs evolve, our scalable vehicle suite can adapt to any new requirements you may have.

Fleet Management With No Blind Spots

Republic Parking offers a variety of vehicle options so that we can always fulfill your requirements. Our immobilization and enforcement vehicles are chosen to suit each location and are equipped with the latest LPR technology, meaning they contribute to:


Up-fitted vehicles provide storage space for boot inventory and related tools, ensuring safe hauling practices and minimizing downtime.


Choose from lightweight bicycles to sleek, modern vans based on your sustainability goals, infrastructure, and enforcement requirements.


GPS-equipped vehicles allow for real-time fleet tracking, route documentation, and street coverage quota monitoring.


Dashboard cameras record impacts and sudden stops or acceleration; they can also be triggered by the employee in the event of an altercation or other disturbance.


Unified branding with consistent paint color and clear graphics identify our enforcement vehicles.

The Republic Parking Advantage

Where other companies simply buy LPR technology, Republic Parking is a licensed LPR reseller and installer, providing us with a depth of knowledge that cannot be matched by industry peers. Through this extensive experience, Republic Parking is able to provide an end-to-end parking management services as well as the post-installation support clients require to thrive.

Transform your municipality's parking &
enforcement program.

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